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Pirates versus Ninjas

I saw something really funny today (well technically yesterday but I haven't been to sleep yet). I was looking at the fountain of One Piece info that is called grand_line_vine and I noticed someone's signature mentioned Naruto.  I haven't read Naruto in probably a year.  I was tired of all the Sasuke angst.  He's way too emo for me.  He's not even that cute why does he have so many fangirls!!!!  Maybe you have to be 15 to appreciate him...  ANYWAY, there is a rivalry between One Piece fans and Naruto fans.  One Piece is better of course. teehee  So this guy's signature said: 

Naruto Chapter 347: Page 10 - Panel 1
In one panel, the author has managed to perfectly summarize his entire series.

I thought, "Oh, that will make things easier since I'm a year behind."  


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