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Just randomness and real life

Looks like we didn't make it to karate. Q was begging to not go and I was trying to be firm and say "You have to go, no arguments." She was halfway dressed and I suddenly felt way too sick.  That blew my attempts at consistency. ...she was cheering. It's not that she doesn't like karate, she absolutely loves it once she's there. She likes seeing her friends and wani_sama she just doesn't like transitions.  Everywhere she is is the only place she wants to be.  When she was a toddler I used to have to pick her up and drag her out while she kicked and screamed.  That was always fun at the library.

I'm trying to find the creator of the icon I'm using for this post.  I know that I saw it at onepiece_icons  but that community has been around for so long that it'll take me forever. I made a post last month trying to find the creators of three other icons and I got answers to two of them. I'm still trying to find the creator of this naughty little gem. fufufu

Oh and I named the icon I'm using san_zo_bootyshake.  LOL cause they're pirates and it's his booty!  actually i realized it's a pun after I named it.

Edit: please ignore any mistakes in this post.  LJ seems to want to eat things up today.

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