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Well, it's been five days so I figured I better post about the vacation before it gets really really old (like my vacation to California in April I still haven't posted about...).

We went to Michigan for vacation because as most of you know that's where we were born and raised and we really miss the lakes. Afterall, it's the Great Lakes State and you can see the lakes from space so it's something really huge to Michiganders.  

We stopped at a hotel on our way to the campsite because we got a late start. (J had to take a conference call.) The next morning we went to Mackinaw City and checked into a hotel there and then took a ferry to Mackinac Island (pronounced Mackinaw not MackinaCK). We knew it was going to rain so we cut our camping down by a day and hung out there so we wouldn't be drenched. Q had only been to Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island once before (if you don't count the time I was pregnant) so she had a lot of fun running around and riding bikes and avoiding the excretions from the horses lol. That's the only downside of that island. It's so cool that they don't have cars and just use their feet or bikes or horse drawn carriages, but the stink is a bit much at times and you have to avoid puddles. They have street cleaners though, but can you imagine having that job?! Yuck.  

Mackinac Island is known for their fugde/candy shops.  You can see stand in front of the stores and watch them making fudge through the windows.  it's really cool.  We bought some fudge and it was too much so I took it to work and begged them to eat it.  It was super delicious though.  Two of the ladies said it was the best fudge they ever had.  I'm actually eating some salt water taffy we got there on the island.  Super-YUM!!!  I only buy it when I go there.  Q and J rode bikes around the island but I wasn't feeling all that great so I just looked around at the shops.  Q bought a book in one of the stores that is from a Michigan author who writes stories with Michigan city names and their scary stories.  She wanted it for the camping trip for around the campfire.  She got Michigan Chillers The Spirits of St. Ignace, since we were going to camp there in the Hiawatha National Forest.  If you click on the campground picture on the bottom right you can see our campsite. We were number 3.  When they say steep slope to the lake they really mean it.  Climbing down was so much fun, but up was the biggest workout you could ever get.  Imagine scaling a building but the building is made of loose sand and you keep sinking halfway down from where you started.

You can see pictures here.  I was not keen on camping and I don't think I ever will be, but this place was so nice.  The only downfall was no showers so we had to wash in other ways.  I even washed my hair over the fire pit in the morning by using cups of water.  lol  Q and J washed their hair in the lake.  The bathrooms were not far from our campsite and were the cleanest bathrooms I have ever seen!  They were nice enough to live in. lol  They smelled so nice going in.  It was scary though if you woke up in the middle of the night and had to go to the bathroom because you had to take the lantern and the shadows would dance around and we didn't know if there were bears or other wild animals.  We slept in a tent with air mattresses so it was comfy but very very cold at night.  The daddy long legs were huge and hung out on the mesh windows as if they were webs.  Cute but creepy...  Anyway, the highlight of the campsite was the beach.  It was soooooooooooooooo beautiful and clean and the weather was perfect.  Q didn't want to leave.  We were there for hours each day.  One day since I wasn't feeling that great J went back to the campsite and made lunch and brought it back to us.  The water in the lake was cold, but since it was warm out it was just right after you got used to it.  Hardly anyone was at the beach so it was very relaxing.  I actually took the latest issue of Shojo Beat (had to have that Gackt article) and read the whole thing along with the volume of Bleach I bought.  Vampire Knight was kind of confusing since I haven't read it but it was good.  I love the art.  Crimson Hero hasn't seemed to change a lot since I last read it, but I noticed that on one page was a picture of a guy and on the next page was a picture of a girl and they looked almost exactly the same! Even their hair!  LOL sorry Kidfree.

On the way home Q read almost an entire book (the michigan chillers one).  It was 35 chapters and we had read 4 of them at the camp so she read 31 chapters in the car.  She said she couldn't put it down.  She kept saying, "Oh man!  You're not going to believe what happens next!" lol  Only one other thing to mention about the trip.  We had breakfast in Mackinaw City the morning we left for the campsite and I paid with my credit card.  As we were leaving the city we went to the gas station and J tried to pay with his credit card (same back account) and it was declined.  We called the bank and it turned out that someone from some internet site tried to access our account and take our money.  J was being annoying and said "I told you not to order things from Japan!" LOL I was like, "that was ages ago! I haven't ordered anything in ages!"  Then I thought about it and my card was fine but his wasn't working.  He didn't apologize.  jerk...  Anway, so we had to close our account when we got back and transfer everything to a new account and I'm waiting for my new bankcard.  In the meantime we have to pay everything with cash and it's so inconvenient.  I am glad that they caught it and we didn't lose any money though.  It's a pain in the neck to change everything though when you pay bills online.

So, sorry nothing super exciting but I wanted to get this posted before I got even lazier. fufufu

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