June 29th, 2008


Skip Beat Anime!!

I'm so excited about the news of a Skip Beat anime that I had to post.  I only had time to scan Hoshi wa Utau so far so I decided to scan the color pics of SB in this recent issue of Hana to Yume.  I'll try to scan the Skip Beat chapter by tomorrow night.  I have to work tonight and tomorrow but I should be able to work it in.

I think the anime pics look pretty good and if anyone doesn't think so, there is always the chance that the anime team will get better with time.  With a manga series about acting there should be lots of good fillers they can do.  I usually hate filler eps but I can see them having lots of options (unlike Bleach which makes me sad and IMHO ruins the storyline).  At least, with fillers it extends the anime.

OK, big pics if you Collapse )