June 23rd, 2007


When free costs 8 dollars and 40 cents. . .

Yeah, so I'm broke, which is why I try to get more hours at work. I really don't enjoy my work, but we have to pay for this new car. So, what have I been doing for my manga fix? I've been going to the library to borrow the books instead of buying them. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT BECAUSE THEY'RE FREE! Well, for procrastinators like me they actually cost money. The latest late fee is $8.40 and this is not the first time, but it is the highest fee I've had. I really have to get my act together. I could have bought a couple of manga volumes maybe even three if I would stop taking my books in late. The problem is I take out a lot at a time and that adds up even if it's one day. WAAAAAAHHH!!!

So even though we're broke my husband decides to buy a really expensive video card. I asked him if saving money only applied to me. He got really annoyed because honestly he can't play World of Warcraft with that old video card!!!! (seriously though it was really bad) So yesterday when he exchanged his new video card for another that actually worked I added Bleach 3 dvd to the cart LOL. (It has the lovely Ishida on it!) Q added "Bridge to Terabithia" to the cart. If you haven't seen it go now to the store to buy or rent that!!! So we did get a little present out of the trip.

I promised wani_sama that I would post, so here it is. lol Ok, since this post was totally random and lame, I'm leaving you with a little YouTube, About a week ago Q was watching Shrek 2 over and over and we noticed a song in the credits by the band Frou Frou. We both said it at the same time that it was the singer from the cd we bought in California. We love the cd and it will always remind us of that trip...that i will someday write about. The singer's name is Imogen Heap. So I looked it up on YouTube and found one with Sanji and Fruits Basket. It has other anime in there (including Host Club) but I don't watch any of those. So anyway, I hope you enjoy it!